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Racing Ahead.


“…most recently Brian Mackey has raised our game to a new level with some excellent articles on the marketing of motorsports.”

Industry people in the know sometimes find themselves talking about us.   From our colleagues at Autoracing1:   “…most recently Brian Mackey has raised our game to a new level […]

College Football: 1. ~~~~~~ Motor racing: 0.

It happened last week.  Alabama vs. Ohio State in the Allstate Sugar Bowl.  In my mind, this game will go down as one of the epics, one of the transformational […]

Bright ideas. Creative Vision. Enlightened Solutions.

Big ideas.  Creative Vision.  Enlightened Solutions.  It takes many levels of expertise to create the kind of motorsport marketing promotion that truly resonates a precise and targeted commercial message. Mackey […]

This means war!

There is a mighty war going on.  And most of us don’t actually get to see it.  I’m not nearly expert enough to determine exactly what the entire battleground looks […]

Sharp Curve Ahead

It’s that time of year again.  You know, the changing fall colors, the cooling air, pumpkins and most of all, we’re deep in the sponsor hunting season of the fourth […]

“…you can be a guest of mine anytime…but with knowledge like that, you probably have your hard-card hanging from your night-light.”

OK, here we go again.  Once again, I read some motor race marketing materials, I get them all the time.  This time from a reasonably high profile racing team talking […]