“Man, I’ve read @mmgatl’s (Brian Mackey) blog posts for about 10 minutes and already think this guy is my new idol.”

Twitter comment. Photo by Richard Sloop.

At Mackey Marketing Group, you may be surprised to learn that we don’t sell sponsorship of race cars, tracks, series or events.  We don’t sell “partnerships” either.  Some seem to think that changing the name of what we do will be sufficient to foster the perception that motorsports has changed with the times.  But that is so “yesterday” and completely misses the point.   Instead, we’ve developed something else entirely.

After years of experience, we understand that motorsport marketing must evolve far beyond a branding centric promotion model.  From this realization we turned to development of sponsor relevant themed promotions that take center stage on a platform designed to engage race fans.  It provides the key enhancement of creating a “reason” why the race car is on the race track, why the related signage is displayed and most importantly, the message that is to be communicated.  In many ways, motorsports itself becomes background to the promotion that unfolds around it.  It’s a wholesale new approach to motorsport marketing.  The need is apparent.  The time is now.  And this change in perspective will create a tidal wave of revitalized and re-energized fan engagement forming the  foundation for powerful new marketing benefits to emerge for corporate sponsors and partners.

Call this agency and discover our creative new strategies and ideas that will forever change the way you look at motorsports.


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