NASCAR’s only driver with his own television program

Chris Lafferty Motorsports TV

“Chris Lafferty’s Motorsports TV”

Mackey Marketing Group has experience in television broadcast sales and development.  It’s a background that helps distinguish our skill sets from those who don’t understand the inner workings of television ratings and rating efficiencies.   It’s not all about how many your message reaches, but who the audience is and how likely they are to respond to the commercial message.  Here’s an opportunity to reach predominantly a NASCAR viewing audience without the cost barrier often associated with NASCAR oriented promotion.  Chris Lafferty and his creative crew bring what has been described as an “info-comedy” half-hour to race fans across the country.
Fresh. Innovative. Informative. In depth.
There has never been a television program like it!
NASCAR truck driver and television personality, Chris Lafferty hosts a half-hour television program that brings a fresh new perspective to the world of NASCAR. Taking viewers behind the scenes in ways never before televised, fans not only enjoy the show, but learn a thing or two about the inside world of NASCAR racing.
·  Chris Lafferty is the only NASCAR driver to have his own TV show.
·  Weekly viewership approximately 250,000 viewers.
·  Will air three times per week.
·  Live streaming available for additional audience.
·  Airs on “Pursuit Channel”
·  Pursuit is available in 38 million homes through DirecTV and Dish Network in all packages.

We are pleased to announce that “Chris Lafferty’s Motorsports TV” will be airing 3-times per week for 26 straight weeks in 2013 on the “Pursuit Channel.”  This will mark Pursuit Channel’s first step into motorsports related programming which assures that the program receives the promotional attention it needs and deserves to assure continued ratings growth and success.


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