MMG was a small sponsor of the Shelton Racing entry. Note the "Mackey" across the front


No other agency has the history that we have.  Since 1986, Mackey Marketing Group has been in the trenches, around the tracks and in the middle of a motorsport era that changed the landscape of event marketing forever.  We’ve been there.  We know the hows, and the how nots, the where and the where nots, the whys and the why nots of motorsport marketing strategies.  We know more about  motorsport marketing  specifically than many do about motorsports in total.  While some of our competitors might talk about motorsport issues that they have chosen to feature on their website, we’ve talk about many of those same issues, only we talked about many of them years ago.

Mackey Marketing Group is a place that houses motorsport marketing expertise and innovation.  Leading edge thinking.  Tomorrow’s strategies, today.  We’re not advocates for doing things the way we did in the beginning.   Far from it.  We think motorsport marketing is on the cusp of a new generation of marketing benefits that are only now coming into focus.  A marketing focus that empowers the interaction between race fans and the sponsors, between business and sport, between bottom line impact and passive involvement.

If you’re in the sport of motor racing, whether a corporation using motorsports as a platform to reach and influence an audience of consumers, or a product supplier utilizing motorsports as part of your overall marketing and advertising strategies, or a race team, driver, series, property or any entity looking to carve out a benefit from motorsport, you need to look here.  Mackey Marketing Group is a creative partner in taking the remarkably powerful imagery and influence of motorsports and transferring it into tangible marketing direction for the benefit of our clients.