At Mackey Marketing Group we unleash the unbridled power of motorsports helping to transform it into a marketing vehicle of unparalleled capability. The sport has evolved into one of the most successful applications of event marketing in the world today. Now, in the early decades of the 21st century, we are re-examining every aspect of the activation of a motorsport property.  What worked in the past doesn’t hold the same relevancy to today’s point of view.   Nothing is off the table.   Everything new is on the table.   We’re known for our creative and modern methods of activating a motorsport promotion.  You may have heard industry insiders talk about our 21st century thinking on television or read about our philosophy in numerous trade press publications over the past quarter century.  The point is we know racing and we know how it works.

Whatever your goals and objectives within the wide spectrum of motorsport marketing strategies, we can offer business solutions to help your company score the best results and attain greater ROI from your motorsport promotion investment.  We’re developing new, fresh and relevant strategies to catch the eye of sponsor partners by recommending bold, new directions. We believe new ideas and dramatic applications are coming into focus that will revive the excitement and marketing leadership that has been this sport’s tradition. We are hard at work. We’ve always taken no small amount of pride in our ability to create new ideas in motorsport marketing. It’s always been one of our calling cards. Call us and we’ll show you the bright new ideas that we are working on that are sure to rev new life into your motorsport marketing campaign!

In the world of motorsports, marketing is one of the most important aspects of a professional campaign. With more than 27 years of specialized experience, Mackey Marketing Group is your one-stop source for professional motorsport marketing services. It’s all we do.


At Mackey Marketing Group, we’re keenly tuned to the sights, sounds and ambiances of motor racing.  Developing the strategies needed to successfully influence this keen and loyal audience of consumers, race fans and business associates is what makes us tick.  It takes experience, expertise, creativity and skill.   After 27 years running around the track, you can rest assured, it’s very familiar territory to us.
As specialists within motorsports, we have the expertise and the experience to assure that your motorsport promotion meets your corporate objectives, brings the desired results and impacts your company in a positive manner.
Whether the occasion calls for exclusive, private access corporate hospitality or more intimate one one one VIP hosting, motorsports offers a uniquely capable back stage environment that is extremely conducive to doing business.  We bring an understanding forged through time that underscores every facet of the hospitality experience.

Mackey Marketing Group has forged a close relationship with the Phil Wicks Driving Academy. Phil Wicks is the world renowned expert on MINI Cooper driving and with Mackey Marketing Group handling all the details, you can be assured that your corporate driving event will bring long lasting recall, enthusiasm and dedication to your company, your workforce and your brand.
Mackey Marketing Group is an authorized agent of “BRAND THUNDER.” Brand Thunder develops custom designed web browser takeovers. This new communications tool enables your brand to reach and communicate with your core audience each and every moment they are on the internet, whether they are visiting your website or not. It is a powerful way to increase web usage, increase revenue streams and create an even stronger bond between your most enthusiastic fans and your motorsport campaign.
Mackey Marketing focuses publicity efforts where we can have the greatest impact. We concentrate on providing feature coverage rather than a more mundane approach of race results and current standings.   Skilled writing integrated with time tested racing knowledge generates a finished message that goes far beyond the standard fare.  It’s the kind of publicity race fans want to experience.  You’ll find samples of our writing throughout the industry. 
Motorsport sponsorship negotiation is a combination of market research, sales prospecting and professional know how. At Mackey Marketing Group, we approach the process with the tools needed to provide our clients with the best chances of success. From innovative approach, time tested experience and industry know-how, Mackey Marketing is a prime resource for professional race teams and drivers to best serve their professional marketing needs. MMG is a Hoover’s subscriber providing access to over 16 million corporate contacts and company contact information. 
For companies that advertise within the automotive and aftermarket performance arena, it pays to develop advertising messages and creative strategies that resonate with the targeted audience. Mackey Marketing Group understands this market. Our specialization provides us with the creative know how to create better and more relevant advertising strategies for the automotive and aftermarket advertiser. Why would you leave your corporate messaging to a traditional advertising agency with little experience and automotive market understanding? Mackey Marketing Group is your in industry source for all your related advertising needs.
Mackey Marketing understands racing. We know how to communicate the elements that makes motorsports the most successful commercial event marketing arena ever devised. If your racing program needs collateral materials, eye catching wall cut-outs or any other element that will help create the kind of impact racing is known to produce, Mackey Marketing Group is your clear choice for expertise and fast turnaround.

In today’s marketing mix, special attention is drawn to new distribution channels that can bring new attention and fans to your motorsport campaign. MMG will create a custom video of your racing campaign, with your standard video or ours, and create a short and focused video of your racing campaign ready for viral distribution on your website, Facebook, YouTube and other distribution channels. Its creative, its relevant and its effective.

Mackey Marketing can provide important input on the marketing and public relations functions of your race team. In many ways, we have already done the homework. Our experience has taught us many lessons along the way. Your race operation, whether a corporate promotion project or a race team management question, can be addressed with Mackey Marketing Group. We’ll save you the time we’ve spent already learning many of the answers.