The debate continues.

Yes, No and Maybe

Recently, published an article outlining why upcoming critically important television negotiations commenced by Indy Car management will likely dictate the future commercial success or failure of the Indy Car […]

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Exploring New Ways to rejuvinate and reinterpret motorsport sponsorship values

Mackey Marketing Group created the Priv8teer 8.  It is an experiment to develop new methods of motorsport marketing values.  The old strategies of branding and exposure no longer represent the […]

Old Way, New Way


Mackey Marketing Group is taking a vastly different approach to motorsport marketing.   The firm located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia has long been known as a veteran, reputable boutique firm that […]


“What Indy Car can learn from Mad Men”

Mad Men is my favorite television show.  Its final season kicks off this weekend and I’m eager to learn the outcome of my all-time favorite TV character, Don Draper.  As […]

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“Man, I’ve read @mmgatl’s (Brian Mackey) blog posts for about 10 minutes and already think this guy is my new idol.”

At Mackey Marketing Group, you may be surprised to learn that we don’t sell sponsorship of race cars, tracks, series or events.  We don’t sell “partnerships” either.  Some seem to […]


“…most recently Brian Mackey has raised our game to a new level with some excellent articles on the marketing of motorsports.”

Industry people in the know sometimes find themselves talking about us.   From our colleagues at Autoracing1:   “…most recently Brian Mackey has raised our game to a new level […]