Could it be the sponsor is NOT number 1?

You’ve heard the expression the customer is number one?  Many in motor racing might think that a similar variation might be that from a marketing standpoint, for the sport of …

Aug. 11, 2012: IHBA Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Marble Falls: Day 2 Qualifying

A powerful new look at Nostalgia

Crackerbox PRO video intro Nostalgia is a well known marketing strategy among advertisers.  Many brands have developed periodic themes that take advantage of the public’s on-going fascination and fondness for …

Barber Motorsports Park

My trip to Barber Motorsports Park

This article was first published in Autoracing1.com on April 22, 2010.  Now, it’s nearly four years later, but I believe the overall marketing message continues to be so important to …

Learning a lesson from TRW.

Shedding Light on Presenting a New Idea

In my office, I have a poster reprint of a full-page TRW ad that was placed in the Wall Street Journal years ago.

INDYCAR's continuing challenge to obtain better ratings means attracting new fans.
Photo:  Richard Sloop

As read on Autoracing1.com: Racing Forward on TV

Once again, reluctantly, I seem to be on opposite sides of a debate that is of some importance to the sport as a whole and INDYCAR in particular.  That is …

Indy Car

As read on Autoracing1.com: “Let’s Split Indy Car!”

By Brian C. Mackey Everyone has an opinion. This is my version taken from numerous ideas I’ve heard and added to over the past several seasons. I don’t claim to …