Who we are. What we do.

Mackey Marketing Group is a full service marketing agency.  By full service we mean marketing.  It’s our middle name.  It’s not Mackey Racing Services or Mackey Motorsports Agency.  We are experts in marketing all aspects of a racing campaign.  Whether you are a company seeking to gain extra horsepower from your motorsport promotion, whether a team looking to position itself better as a marketing property or whether you’re a driver actively campaigning up the “corporate” ladder, Mackey Marketing Group is the place where marketing is king.  It’s what we do.  And we’ve been doing it since 1986.  We manage and create marketing campaigns for corporations utilizing motorsport as the marketing ‘vehicle.’   We can serve as an automotive or motorsport industry “advertising agency” to assist with communication of a relevant racing sales message to a wide variety of  racing target audiences.  We represent motorsport properties seeking partnerships with corporations looking to gain market share from a motorsport promotion.  And we cater to any project in need of marketing services to advance their goals in the motorsport industry.   Here the word ‘marketing’ is verb, noun and adjective and “motorsports” is the universe we live in.

Brian Mackey is the founder of MMG.  He is not a former professional driver who gained insights while looking for sponsorship for his own career.  While he did race as an amateur (didn’t everybody?) in Formula Fords, his professional career has always been in sales, advertising and marketing.  It makes the difference in what we do, our guiding philosophy in how we do it, and our constant focus on what works and what doesn’t in the motorsport marketing arena.  There are few, very few, who have more direct experience in development of motorsport marketing than Mackey Marketing’s president, Brian Mackey and even fewer who have a professional background and a keen expertise in this one corner of the motorsport universe.

We understand marketing.  And this perspective is evident in everything we do.  It can include even the simplest of things. Consider our publicity pieces that Brian Mackey has written over the years, and there are many.  These articles are often found in event programs, motorsport magazines as “feature” stories and many websites.  At first glance, many might casually describe them as “fluff”  and brush their relevancy aside.  But that only proves one thing.  They need to know more about marketing and the need to focus on influencing the audience.  Each article is written with what we call “marketing purpose”.  Every word, every catchy phrase, every nuance is designed to craft an image of positive influence.  We don’t write anything else.  If we write it, chances are it is based upon “marketing purpose.”   Ad copy — same thing.  Sales materials — again, “marketing purpose” centered.

“I recall one article I wrote for a client that I had submitted to a magazine to publish,” said Brian Mackey.  “When I phoned to follow-up on whether the article was going to be used, the editor sort of chuckled and said that ‘yes, the article was going to be used in the next edition of the magazine.’   Turns out, it was the cover story for the magazine!”  It is this attention to detail, this skill set that sets the tone in Mackey Marketing’s strategies for client service.  We weren’t just writing a “fluff” article, we were developing an image for our client.  It worked.

The web contains many references to our marketing expertise.  Over the years, Mackey has been asked to comment on many aspects of this vibrant industry.  What you won’t find are articles that stray very far from our core expertise.  Given our continued focus, we strive to be a leading advocate for the modernization of motorsport marketing.  You’ll find our progressive ideas and creative applications at the forefront of what we do.  We understand that motorsports is a 21st century sport and we advocate the strong interactive marketing techniques needed to accomplish today’s principal motorsport marketing goals and objectives.

The bottom line.  If you’re involved in the sport of motorsports or its satellite activities, we encourage you to consider Mackey Marketing Group as your source for marketing services.  If your company needs the best and most skillful application of motorsport marketing techniques to manage your motorsport campaign, call us.  If you’re a team or series needing marketing services for your racing property, then Mackey Marketing Group should be a considered addition to your team.  If you need advertising that will strike the right chord among targeted audiences, we can be your best one-stop source.  We strive to be a better marketing firm by maintaining our constant focus, utilizing our extensive experience and tapping into our renowned expertise.


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