Dave Despain mentions Brian Mackey article on “Wind Tunnel” program

Dave Despain

At Mackey Marketing Group, we believe that our marketing philosophies and promotional direction reflect the most modern trends in the industry.  After an article penned by Brian Mackey was published on Autoracing1.com, Speed Channel’s Dave Despain made the following comment on his popular television program “Wind Tunnel.”

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“So, what do you do when you’re sitting around at Indy waiting for the rain to stop?  Well of course you talk about Ken Block.  Ken, the rally driver, who stars in some of Youtube’s greatest hits and the connection to Indy Car racing, was made this week by a marketing guy named Brian Mackey writing for Autoracing1.com.  He notes the frequent complaint that Indy Car’s TV deal with Versus guarantees years of small audiences, in turn no sponsors.  And he sites Block as proof that such thinking is just so 20th century…. Mackey’s point is that Indy Car and all these other series that consider themselves television challenged need to be thinking about the rapidly changing media world in which we live  … I guarantee you that in ten years time the notion that a racing series can only survive if it’s on one of the currently big TV networks will be considered downright quaint. For the 100 year old sport of Indy Car racing and any other form of racing, this is a good time for outside the box thinking.”

Dave Despain
Host of “Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain
Speed Channel


Others have taken note of our marketing philosophy as well.  Here is a blog spawned by our Autoracing1.com article.

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