Our poster “art”

We’ve collected a lot of signatures over the years!  We’ve worked with many drivers and teams, past and present, and many are presented throughout our website. We have used several of the posters as the primary art for various pages on our website.   Here are a few more posters that we have collected and admire.  It has been a privilege to work with these great people.  We’ve enjoyed their camaraderie and their friendship.


MMG posters 307

Swiss F3 driver, Tobias Blaettler.

MMG posters 308

Phil Wicks on the original Nurburgring track

MMG posters 309

Our friend, Brian Bonner

MMG website additional 126

IMSA GTP driver and Porsche champion, Jeff Purner

mmg posters billy Vuky III

The Gohr Racing team, with ROY Billy Vukovich, III at the 1988 Indy 500.

MMG posters 296.1

We worked briefly with super Superbike rider, Shawn Higbee.

minardi team poster

Minardi F1 team poster.

don marsh

Back in the IMSA Camel Light days, Don Marsh and the Rusty Jones crew.

MMG posters JW red poster 316

Jason Workman in the pits at Road Atlanta

Hedley signature

British driver, Rob Hedley.


Good friend and fellow race fan, Jeff Carlisi.  Jeff is a founding member of .38 Special and was lead guitarist for many years.

miss rd atl

Miss Road Atlanta

miss joker

Miss Joker

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