Expansion plans underway with with long time MMG client Phil Wicks Driving Academy.

Exciting things are in store for the Phil Wicks Driving Academy.  For those of you who don’t know, Phil Wicks is one of the most veteran racers campaigning today.  Today, he races a Mini Cooper.  Back in the 1960s, he raced a Mini Cooper.  Now, 50 years later, Phil Wicks has come full circle.  As owner of the Phil Wicks Driving Academy, he has developed a performance and safety driving curriculum that  focuses specifically on the unique needs of smaller automobiles.  In a driving environment of big cars and bigger trucks, Phil Wicks is helping drivers gain more skill, more confidence and more safety on today’s demanding roads. Phil Wicks Driving Academy events are held at various closed course race tracks throughout the year.  If you drive a smaller car in today’s big car world, you owe it to yourself to gain a better understanding and driving skill needed to safely navigate the roads today.

Mackey Marketing Group has developed over the past several years a close working partnership with the Phil Wicks Driving Academy.  Together, we established the North American MINI Cooper Championship and MMG was instrumental in initiating television coverage for the MINI racing series.  Today, the Phil Wicks Driving Academy has expanded to include many smaller car marques. Phil Wicks is legendary within the small car niche.  He is well known for his stunt driver exploits in the original “Italian Job” film with Michael Caine as well as stunt driving appearances in numerous television programs of the day.  He regularly competes in vintage racing events chasing bigger cars in bigger classes in his very fast and nimble Mini Cooper.

Phil Wicks is a sought after expert in all things Mini Cooper.  Here, Phil appears as a special guest on a popular television program providing expert commentary on Mini Cooper.  The show is one of the most popular auction type programs on cable today.



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