Turbo charge your business

Racing Ahead.

Mackey Marketing Group has long developed a reputation as an advocate for leading edge marketing ideas within the arena of motorsports.  The agency has long felt the need to revitalize the established benefits of participating as a motorsport promotional partner.  Long gone are the relatively simple methods of emphasizing brand exposure and related strategies.  Today calls for much more engagement between fan and sponsor, between sponsor and team and between team and fan.  At Mackey Marketing, we decided to consider the sport a clean slate.  From this radical perspective, we have developed what we believe to be the most creative new motorsport promotion strategies since the Team Lotus Formula One car rolled onto the grid sporting a commercial paint scheme linked to the sponsor, the Gold Leaf Lotus Formula One.   That’s quite a claim, but it’s part of our energized focus on creating leading-edge promotional thought and direction designed for the 21st century, not the 20th.  It’s time for new ideas.  It’s time for Mackey Marketing Group’s advanced marketing counsel to set the stage for some of the most exciting new opportunities available in motorsport marketing today.  For any company currently engaged or considering participation within the motorsport marketing arena, we strongly encourage you to learn more details about exciting marketing campaigns destined to be the most talked about motorsport promotions in the industry today.

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