A powerful new look at Nostalgia

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Nostalgia is a well known marketing strategy among advertisers.  Many brands have developed periodic themes that take advantage of the public’s on-going fascination and fondness for its own past.  As pointed out by Nigel Bairstow of B2B Whiteboard, “Why does it matter?  Why would a 40-year-old man care about a car he drove when he was 18? It matters, quite simply, because nostalgia makes us feel good.”  Advertisers adopted the nostalgia strategy as a time tested means to reach and influence a targeted audience.  Nostalgia works.

So when the Crackerbox Pro Boat Racing Series came to Mackey Marketing Group looking to increase its marketability and presence, the agency recommended taking a new look at nostalgia and bringing it full speed into the 21st century.  That would seem to be an oxymoron but by integrating the historic aspects of Crackerbox boat racing and mixing it with some new marketing avenues available today, the events would modernize the nostalgia theme while delivering the appeal to a broader audience of today’s tech-friendly fans and participants.

Crackerbox boat racing has a powerful element essential to make this strategy applicable; the competitors’ race boats, whose basic design is more than fifty years old.  These are not “vintage” race boats pulled out of some storage facility and refurbished to go racing again as “historic” racers.  The Crackerbox boats simply never stopped racing.  Modernized, yes, and packed with modern day horsepower vastly increasing the speed, but these boats’ heritage can be traced directly back to the beginning of the racing class.  For instance, the Crackerbox boats still utilize the long ago jettisoned ride- along mechanic even though he (or she) is seldom if ever, expected to participate as a mechanic during the race but generally serves as an on-board lookout to keep the boats from hitting one another during the very close “boat-deck-to-boat-deck” racing action.  Realizing that this series is ripe for utilization for its nostalgic racing boats, Mackey Marketing Group looked to increase the marketability by taking the nostalgia play book and assimilating it with modern day marketing applications.   It is hoped that this approach will bring about a best of both worlds and re-shuffle the genre with new twists on the nostalgia theme.

When a race fan attends a Crackerbox Pro racing event in 2014, they will be met with a purpose-driven mix of old and new, joined together within the nostalgia theme to give the fan a powerful dose of nostalgia driven influence.  Here’s a list of sample ideas intended to create an environment that will provide numerous opportunities for fans to interact with the event, the theme and the sponsors.  We envision Crackerbox event planners will include obvious links to nostalgia by incorporating vintage car show and shine events to event schedules whenever possible, 25 cent event flyer programs, “oldies” music on the PA, classic music radio remotes, contests for period dress and best of event prizes.  In addition, fans could interact with the event surroundings via several modern day applications that will also reinforce the nostalgia theme.  QR marketing codes placed throughout the paddock area to send fans to various nostalgia-oriented mobile web pages and maintain links and information pertaining to the long history of the Crackerbox racing series.

An important aspect of the strategy is set to include the event sponsors.  Mackey Marketing Group and the Crackerbox Pro racing series will encourage sponsors who sign up to be part of the series to incorporate the nostalgia theme within their approach to activating their involvement.

“It’s very important that we maintain the nostalgia theme, even among sponsors if at all possible,” pointed out agency president, Brian Mackey.  “We will encourage sponsors to produce and approve vintage look activation to their event advertising and banners.  We want to carry through on the theme at every level.”

The goal is to create an entire motorsport event experience.  Not just a race with vintage designed racing boats, but a multi-level incorporation of nostalgia from stem to stern all designed to produce an entire motorsport experience laced with nostalgic elements and combined with modern technology to enhance the racing fan’s experience in memorable ways.  This approach is directed by the belief that today’s event experience produces tomorrow’s memories – or in marketing terms, taking a new look at nostalgia. If history is to be the guide, then nostalgia works for consumers.  Crackerbox Pro racing series is betting that its history-rich series timeline will yield powerful nostalgia benefits to its fans and promotional partners.

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